Clothing And Luggage Automatic CNC Cutting Machine

Different tool options:

  • Rotary knife for single-layer cutting.
  • Pneumatic knife for multi-layer cutting.
  • Draw pen, punching tools,and notching
  • Camera:identify printed fabric contours
  • This fabric cutting machine uses blades for cutting, which can cut single and multiple layers of materials.
  • This machine is suitable for cutting denim,canvas,textile,cloth,fabric,polar fleece t-shirt,fur,non-woven fabric ,garment,apparel,knitted fabric.
  • The production line of the knife fabric cutting machine has reached the industry standard for more than 10 years in terms of quality, performance and engineering.

Product Parameter

Model YC-1625A(customizable)
Working area 2500mm*1600mm
Max Cutting speed 1200mm/s
Cutting tolerance ±0.1mm
Cutting thickness 0.1-30mm
Multifunctional head Rotary knife tool, Pneumatic cutting tool
Applicable materials Denim,canvas,textile,cloth,fabric,t-shirt,fur,non-woven fabric
Operation properties Online / offline operation; continuous cutting with high efficiency, 7*24 with zero downtime
Safety device Emergency button, anti-collision device, infrared sensor
Transmission interface Ethernet
Drive system Motor: Panasonic servo motor Guide rail and rack
Fixed mode Vacuum absorb
Supply voltage 220V 380V±10%,50HZ 60HZ
Rated power 11KW

Product Image Detail

Product Feature

High efficiency, labor saving and fabric saving. Independently researched and developed cutting system with imported servo motor, cutting speed 1200mm/s, servo motor adopts pulse positioning, cutting accuracy ±0.1mm, computer operation, pipeline cutting, can be substituted 4-6 people, with intelligent AI typesetting system, intelligent material saving, compared with manual cutting, it can save more than 15% of materials.

Product Cut Sample

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